Behind the Scenes of History (Arte)

Behind the Scenes of History (Arte)

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From January 22, Arte will offer a new documentary series: "Behind the scenes of history". Produced under the supervision of Olivier Wieviorka, specialist of the 20th century and the Second World War, this documentary collection will decipher little-known aspects of contemporary history, with the support of unpublished archives.

History is not an exact science, it is never set in stone: over time, knowledge of the past refines and evolves. But received ideas are tough and preconceptions remain stubborn. To grasp the truths of the world, it is sometimes necessary to shake up the certainties and decipher the facts by offering another perspective.

Hitler - The Art of Defeat

November 23, 1939. A storm is brewing over Europe. After conquering the Sudetenland, Czechoslovakia and Poland, Hitler decides to attack France and the United Kingdom as soon as possible. A company that its generals consider suicidal, but the Führer imposes his law. He is convinced that his intuitions are better than all their stripes. Posterity has consecrated Adolf Hitler as a relentless warlord and inspired strategist. But what is it really? (January 23 at 8:50 p.m.).

The Marshall Plan saved America

March 12, 1947. President Truman sounds the alarm: communism is threatening, it is spreading like an epidemic, the scourge must be stemmed, the world free from contamination ... In the new war that is looming, all means are available. good for countering even the most unexpected enemy. The Marshall Plan is one of them. This plan thus saved Europe from the misery and chaos bequeathed by the Second World War and contributed to the material and moral recovery of the old continent, but at what cost? (January 23 at 9:40 PM).

Hiroshima - Stalin's defeat

July 4, 1945. America looks gloomy because in the Pacific, World War II is prolonged: Japan opposes a fierce resistance. A race against time then ensued between Truman and Stalin to force him to surrender. On July 16, after the success of the Trinity trial, Truman had a new asset: the atomic bomb. Posterity has presented the tragedy of Hiroshima and Nagasaki as the sole reason for the Japanese surrender. However, if this statement is far from being wrong, it omits the role of a fundamental actor in the outcome of the Second World War: the Red Army. (January 29 at 8:50 p.m.).

Mao - The unworthy father of modern China

October 1, 1949. After years of revolutionary struggle and commitment, Mao Zedong proclaims the advent of the People's Republic of China. In coming to power, he has only one ambition: to restore his country to its legendary power, to restore it to its former glory. The year zero of modern China has just started ... However, if the great Helmsman opened a new era for the Middle Empire, it was not he who made his country pass from immobility and confinement to the rank of great world power. (January 29 at 9:40 PM).

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