The Complete History of France Belin collection

The Complete History of France Belin collection

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With the publication of the thirteenth and final volume - Les Grandes Guerres 1914-1945 - the Histoire de France collection launched in 2009 by Éditions Belin ends. From the year 481 to the year 2005, this first History of France of the 21st century brings together, under the direction of Joël Cornette with Jean-Louis Biget and Henry Rousso, 17 authors chosen from among the best specialists of each period.

In this last volume, Nicolas Beaupré, lecturer at the Blaise-Pascal University of Clermont-Ferrand, specialist in the Great War and Franco-German history, is interested in the great change of 1914, the horrors of the front, to the occupation of part of the country and to the “rear front” in order to bring the reader to understand total war. It then discusses the process of reconstruction, political mobilization and the crises of the 1930s which culminated in the Second World War.

Thus, with some 10,000 pages, nearly 500 maps and "Historian's Workshops" which integrate the most recent research results and show the reader how historians work, this History of France is intended to be plural, diverse. , inventive, open to debate and offers an important knowledge tool. For Histoire-pour-Tous, this is undoubtedly the reference collection on this subject.

The Great Wars (1914-1945), by Nicolas Beaupré. Belin Editions, 2012.

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